How can I follow external browser links in background?

Hey:+1: I’m developing an app that need Spotify access, so I redirect my user to a Spotify special web page in his external default browser, through Web View Component. If user agrees app conditions then he will be redirect in another web page or in another one if he doesn’t accept. My question is: Is there a way to follow links in background when my user stays in external browser? I need to follow links because my app has to do something different based on user choice

Why to redirect user in external browser when you can use WebViewer?

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Some months ago I did another app (always with Spotify access) with internal Web View, but my app was rejected by Google because it says I was redirect illegal web traffic to a site without authorization from the site…:man_shrugging:

Maybe you show some ads there.

We all know this isn’t the reason أ‿أ

Nope… My app was ad free:sob: