How can I get a specific value from json

i have to get “lat” and “lon”
How do I ?

You have to get the values of “lat” and “lon”. Use JSON Tools.

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Maybe this can help you

In that example you get three words from a json and their respective content.

You can adapt it to what you need

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I’ve made several attempts, but it’s still wrong, help me please

I don’t know if it’ll help or if you’ve already solved it.

For the LocationIQ API, when you use the url to search, you may get more than one result. And you get it in a Json. What I do is put all the results in a listview and then when you choose an item, you get the data you need

The search url is this:

You have to put your private token in.

The blocks would look something like this:

You have to use the JSON component that is on utilities