How can I get ads unit from my old APK?

Hello, everyone, I need help on how I can find the App ID and its lest (Something like this ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111) of my specific old APK please someone help me.

Why I need this?
My AdMob Account is disabled and the reason was due to some error on one of my apps which Google sent to my email some error part for me to clear out but I was delayed then my AdMob Account was disabled so I can’t log in to it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the aia of that specified app because I created it with another email account which I also lost its credential.

So I was thinking I have to recreate another app and submit an appeal to Google

What I have tried so far
I have used APK Editor Pro to try if I can find the ca-app-pub where I am sure there will be the AdMob and Interstitial ad units but I then realized that Apps that created by Kodular or Thunkble etc it is difficult to find some codes especial if the developer used obfuscated Text

However, I don’t know anything about coding so I may even don’t know how to find the ads on some complicated apps. Please I need your help Geniuses :pray: