How can I get data fast in airtable[only]

Hello coders,
How can I Load fast data in app from airtable. I am getting 4 columns or is there any method that if we change value from spreadsheet then if app is already opened then at the it will change also.

I hope, Real-time is not possible in airtable. It is possible only in firebase. If you want then you have to link both.
I mean if you do make change firebase then what procedure you are using in screen initia the same you can use when firebase data changed.

I will upload my all blocks can you please help me to change them in firebase.

I will try my level best.

Ok thanks.

Or try like this

Add spreadsheet and firebase(simple add value:1 in firebase database).

In screen initialization what block you are using for getting values from sortable, just put it in a procedure.

Drag when firebase data changed, and just add this procedure block alone . Now change the value in firebase and check whether it is working or not


Now test.

My blocks are little big so uploaded the aia

Chat.aia (11.6 KB)

I am confused. I am making a chatting app, when initialize screen then got column I used this block.
And I used only airtable so I don’t know much about the firebase

I didn’t test it, just add your firebase detail alone in firebase component

Chat (1).aia (11.7 KB)

I’ve some urgent work, so ping you later… sorry, only testing should be done

You can’t make a chatting app using airtable, I have some years using airtable so far you better use or Realtime Database on firebase which is simple to use because that has a bucket which makes the chatting app easy to configure create new chat etc.

But I tried many times firebase real-time and firebase auth, but always that app not worked.

You could use Baserow. It has both Airtable like database and Firebase like real-time database.

Use extension to use baserow real-time database.

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Is this transfer instantly data and there is a block when data changed. Is This blocks automatically work

Yes , it does

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