How can I get screen size using appybuilder code editor?

Any one can help me?

I want to make a extension using IDE which can get the current screen size from app. I’m trying a lot of java code, but can’t do it. Sometime error comes up with method and sometime class. If anyone can do this, please help me. I have a great idea with this. But I have stopped with this problem.

I mean I want this blocks value from IDE


I hope any kodular’s will help me?

This post contains lots of tutorial and tips, check it out!

Btw, if you encounter any error, just try to see what is wrong and correct it :wink:


Also you can get the form ( current screen ) from your extension container :

Form form = container.$form();

And then get it’s width and height:

int width = form.Width();
int height = form.Height();

You can always check the form code ( or any component else ) , to know it’s methods:


Just put a vertical or horizontal arrangement in screen with fill parent height and fill parent width. And then get height and with of that arrangement.

You have to keep all the elements of app inside that vertical arrangement

Edit : I just read the whole title. But I would suggest this method bcz it’s easy and simple

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