How can i get the list of fire base bucket value

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Actually in my fire base there is a bucket named as USERS and inside that there are so many tags of all the users inside that there is a tag named as plane in that tag if the value is expired then count all the expired numbers and show it in a lable and one more thing there will be a button in which when we will click then the list of the expired user should show


This Image is the buckets under users tag.

User Bukets

This Data which is located with blue is not same in every tags under users tag
so i want to know that when screen open show to me that how many tags are having expired and the list of them with name

SHow fire base

i hope you all understand well and fing out the solouation

Maybe you could use web component to get data in json and after that using dictionary blocks you can get plane and name for all users. Once you got your lists you can proceed with your logic

Are you using firebase authendication?

Not Able to understand


I think you didn’t understand what I actually mean to say I want to tell you that I want to get the number that how many user plane tag is expired only and there list in which there name will show which is in the name tag

1. Set Firebase project to USERS and get tag list

2. When Firebase got tag list,
For each items in the list get value
Set Firebase project bucket to get item
Call Firebase get value  tag(Plane)
Call Firebase get value tag(NAME)

Initialise two global variable with create empty list 

3. When Firebase got value
If get tag = NAME
Add items to the list (variable 1) items (get value)
Add items to the list (variable 2) items (get value)

Please can You provide The Block

Oh my God!!! :sob: :sob: , I have taken time to type above blocks in code but you are asking in image

Only three event. Pls try to construct and show here , let me check. I am in mobile, I have to go to creator , project, need to add component, blabh blabh…

But please this is important :slightly_smiling_face:

If Possible Then Please Try To Provide Me aia

Hey But I Only Want The data Of The Users Who Plane Is Expired

After getting data in both the variable just use if then else block along with clock component

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If you have built then please provide the aia s i r

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Aia file please

I request you to send the aia file