How can i get url from firebase and set to image?

How can i get the image url from firebase and set to the picture?

Why i only get the “https”? How can i get the whole url?

do not use “/” or “.” in the tag

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replace them with some another symbols or signs and when you get the value you do the vice versa with the symbols/signs

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Yaa I think . Or / are not support in firebase so try to replace with * or # and when got value then replace * or # with . Or /


I think problem with “:” symbol so first you replace “:” with “+” if not getting any error then go with this, else

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Try :


your link is in this format “/“your image url/””


it looks like you manually added the url tag and it’s value in Firebase.

Use Store Value Block.

See i uploaded a URL with Store Value Block and how it’s stored in Firebase :point_down:

And when i call the Tag i get the Complete Value.


Thanks everyone for the help!

Yes, i manually added the url , but i have admin panel. When i add the value from my admin panel , its working correctly. So, everything works perfectly. Thanks for the help everyone

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