How can i know the total height of a complete web page? Not only the screen height

I would like to know the total height of a web page. Different web pages, different vertical sizes, and you have to scroll to see everything, right? This is the thing.
I know the height of the screen or components, but i need to know the height of a complete web page. Is it possible?


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Interesting task!
So please do google searches , collect infos and share them with us. So we all can benefit. :+1::ok_hand:
Looking forward what you get. Thanks in advance!

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Finally, i found the solution using web view component:

Look the blocks:
With this, you can know the height of a complete web page in px.

Now, i can do my app: Double web view that, when you do scroll in one, the other do the same in real time. So, i can change the language in the other web for example, and both scroll at the same time.


Thanks! I found the solution in internet, how you told me. :wink:

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