How can i load all the dynamic component only for first time?

i am creating Dynamic Buttons on Screen Intialize But when i close my app and start my app.
It ReCreating All The Dynamic Component Again . I want to Load All the component only one time. Next Time , When Screen intialize It Will open the app instantly.

I think It is Not possible in Kodular

Set When screen intialize if tinydb value is 0 then load all component when value is 1 then invisible all components

Hey I want to Show All component. I want to open my instantly

Please show screenshort or explain

It’s Not a error.
How can i explain you using a image.

He wants that the Procedure of creating Dynamic Components is carried out only once.
And get saved for faster next loading.

Like we Cache images to Load it faster next time.

But i think it’s not Possible.


Yes, @ADDYLIN you Got it :thumbsup:

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You Break It. :grin:

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