How can I make a downloads list with tiny db

Plzzz help me I want to make a downloads list with tiny db and taifun file but I tried to make it but I got much errors…Please Help Me…

Welcome in community, You want to add items in list and save it in tiny DB?

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Yes I want

First of all, welcome to the community.
There’s no need to make a downloads list with TinyDB. Just use Taifun Files extension and get the list of files from the download folders. :wink:

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I am just making a movie app and then hide the downloaded movies which was shown in the downloads list screen on my app

Check out this aia
list.aia (2.1 KB)
blocks (1)

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To hide the folders, use ‘.’ . For example, if your folder name is ‘App1’, then create folder with ‘/.App1/’, it will create a hidden folder.

To access that hidden folder with Taifun Files, use file:///mnt/.App1/, you will get all the files saved in this folder.

I am recommending this because using TinyDB will increase the space occupied by your app in user’s device and will result in poor user experience.

Hope you understand. :slight_smile:


I Am Already Hide The File In Android/data/package name/.movies/
But I don’t know how to make a list of downloaded movies name by taifunfiles

Do as shown in the above image. Using ‘*’ in the extension will fetch all the files available inside the folder.


How to separate a file names like: path -

Then, how I got the separate movie names only

To separate the files, replace * with ‘mp4’. You can use any files extensions to get the files. For example, if you want to get ‘png’ files, you can use ‘png’ instead of ‘*’. :slight_smile: