How can i make a file sharing app in kodular?

I want to make a file sharing app in kodular but i don’t know .
How can i create this app.

Can anyone please give me an idea.
Which component i have to use to make file sharing system

Thanks in advance
Kodular Team

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First you have to try…
Use received & send block to make such apps.

I don’t know where is it?
Please clarify that

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Already available in blocks section…
Just go to block section…
Click on screen & there you will get that block…

You should use this extension:


Oh yes I forget about it… :rofl::rofl:
But what about guide :sweat_smile:

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A free Alternative to that one.


are you talking about this component_event


This time I forgot that :joy:


Yup. I am talking…

i don’t know how it is working.
please continue your solution alapjeet.

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My question is also related to sharing But its kinda different. I want my app to accept share url/txt from someone.

Ex. User will share a link or text they will choose share. So i want my app to be available on the list of app and put the shared link or txt on my app text box.


In screen1 designer you will find it, check the box, for data you want to receive.


Use this block to get the data.

I’m doing a very simple test to receive shared videos

source: youtube
target: my app

I didn’t put any components on screen1 other than the notifyer. I just configured the basics (icon, package name, shared files).

In blocks, I did it according to the image of the blocks.

Shouldn’t the app icon appear when I select to share on youtube?



No beacause the type you choosed is video, YouTube shares the video’s URL not the whole video. Set type to text and it should work fine :wink:

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Thank you so much.

I had tried to solve this for a long time and it never worked.

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Glad that i helped! :innocent:

Don’t forget to mark it as solution :laughing: :sparkles:

See this video for aia file



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