How can I make a Product Catelogue App?

I will do something, please send the aia file if you mind.

I made some of the apps by editing aia files, github gradle files etc. just by altering the titles labels images etc.

I’ve alreay said

You are just replying to developers that you need an aia file.
You are not trying by yourself.

Did you know about the loops? Know about how data can be fetched from databases? Know about how things can be shown dynamically? If you try yourself working on the things, you can achieve the application screenshot you provided. It might take time. Keep patience.

See this post again:

Either if somebody provided an aia for you, it’s useless for you because you will not be going to understand how things are working. You will just start assuming.

If you really want someone to make your whole application, you can post it to the #marketplace category and pay the user for that.

Please don’t reply begging for the aia.


I don’t need the whole app just need a demo. I saw in some of the posts people helping by sharing demo content. By the way thanks for your answers Good Bye. We cant learn only by reading guides need a demo also. Don’t need any aia files bye.

You can try in YouTube, if you do not get enough informations.

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You were already provided a demo file. Check that

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Product catlog demo not availabe anywhere. Only music player news social media app splash screen how to connect etc basic apps are available in youtube.

Hmmm. You cannot get as detoo but you can create based on this video

Edit by Mod: If promoting YouTube Videos, then make sure they are in English.

You can create dynamic list by using

Do some more experiments using this guide and reach to your destination(Product Catalogue).

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I unlist and close this. The user seems to be only interested in getting a ready made aia. Maybe he can pay someone to make that for him. He has gotten enough advise at the moment to start his learning proces.