How can I make a Product Catelogue App?

Hi all! I want to create a product catalog app which connects with airtable along with category, subcategory, product name price type brand name description of the product. I am wondering how will I design and what don’t know about those blocks to make the app. If anybody knows the structure or any aia file available, please share it with me. Thanks.

Aia ready ?

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I want to create this type of app pc

Do you Want ?

I’m sorry but the answer will not be directly for you:
I find it so strange that a person wants to become a programmer or any other profession without doing the steps step by step
What does that person think?
“Today I’m going to become a baker”, get up and go to the bakery and ask the baker to teach everything on the same day and tomorrow he will become a baker.
Is that what you think?
Many say: “I am new to Kodular”, it is not Kodular, it is programming logic, algorithm, planning, reasoning, effort, research.
Like any profession, a developer goes through stages of learning.
In addition, here in the community, there are thousands of topics with all kinds of solutions, just research and strive.
The effort is worth it.
Nobody wakes up and learns some skill overnight.


I am with my friend .:point_up_2::point_up_2:.
You can make this application easily if you learn the basics and when you encounter a problem, come back to us. I made my application and I learned and also some friends helped me here and now my application has 300 student users. … Sometimes I did research in the community for 6 hours a day, for a week :joy:


Made listview with airtable but unable to do with in gridview and not coming price and description. Only coming image title and subtitle. Not found any topic about Product listing demos here.

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Maybe, help You:


Thanks for the answers. I am trying to do it myself.


I created it easily through this post


download aia : productpage.aia (2.7 MB)

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He’s trying to learn by doing.

Part of learning is trying to do it yourself


If you directly provide them ready made solution, then they won’t learn.

Ready made solution works for 1 time.

Learning remain with you forever :wink:


I’ve been trying to pass this idea on for 2 years. But, it seems that they do not understand that giving blocks and ready AIA is not the ideal way.
“Do not give the fish, teach how to fish”



I did not provide ready AIA. I provided a topic for you to read, understand and try to do yourself

I give up 🤦

Thanks for your help. I needed a demo as you provided…

You will only learn if you read and do what is being taught in the tutorial.
(without opening the aia I know what’s inside it) The aia will have a loop dynamically creating the card views that have a model Json Schema.
That is what is in the guide.🤷

What will you do with that readymade aia if you didn’t understand how things are working?? It’s useless. Try to learn about the loop, how to fetch data, learn how Dynamic Components works . There were already so much of guides and discusses in the community. Search in the community whenever you feel problematic or you didn’t understand.


I just want to create a product catlog app. I dont want to create any other app. Please give me readymade file. I created with appsheet but they are asking me for fee to make a standalone app in the deployment stage. Lots of videos available in youtube about learning but not found how to make a product catlog app. Kindly give me a demo of Product catlog app.

If you want a readymade app, then post in #marketplace and pay users for that.


I need a demo aia file. that i can edit and connect with airtable or any other data storage site.

The app will show you the thumbnail price type and description of the product dont you have a demo?