How can I make app which contains YouTube playlist?

How can i add my YouTube playlist video in my app with the help of colinTree or other extensions. So that, when ever i add any video in my youtube playlist, my app display the same updated list for my viewer.

You must add some blocks to illustrate what the action turned


But how can i do…
Please send me the block
Please describe in details… pllz

you should look some videos in youtube how to work with youtube api and appinventor or thunkable or appybuilder or with KODULAR. That what you want is not explained in 2 min, its a bit work.
Look in youtube /google for that and you will find a solution for that.

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which video is usefull for me…
please send me the link of the video…

Type in google: AppInventor or one of the other builder name and youtube playlist, than you will find a few videos Sorry i dont search for you, thats your work. I can help you with some other things but nit with links.