How can I make Paypal payment method in my app

How can I make Paypal payment method in my app in kodular

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If you search on Community you get your answer.
Well this helps you


It’s price is 50€ . Very costly extension

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Then search on Community for api using

One more method with web is possible… I can help you…

Please tell us, how can we do that.

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you might want to try this

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I used web component… Nothing else

Hello, can I also ask you about another way of PayPal?

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Only know web one… If you want I can help you for that…

How can it help?

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It’s usetul to check whether the payment is successful or not…

I don’t quite understand, can it be simpler, my English is not good, rely on the translation function

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It’s very simple to use that method…

What should I do?

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Will PM you aia… To make aia I need your help…

I don’t understand what you mean?

do get free paypal paymemt aix extension file i tried and made an app and its real

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