How Can I make This System Using Dynamic Component Aix


I want to make like this system… :point_down::point_down: Using dynamic componate… Can i create dynamic ads in list view…?

How can i do it…?

And can i promote other apps in my application.?

Plse guid me… :pray::pray:

U can make it … I already make it but m share with anyone u can try ur best and u Will get success

Using banner ads in Listview is against their policy.

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Nop it’s not for Facebook…u can use it 10-15 list and ads it’s not violent policy

But i am is not going to use any ads network, I am going to used only promote other apps on this way…

So, Can i promote other apps…?

u have to make just design and get data from database


I think u can’t understand what he wants to say…1st read the post properly he wants to make for every block means for every 15 list item load than he wants to load 1 ad than again 15 load than again load ad


Yep, then no issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make a design and add it between desired items.


But how to do it?


Yes… Exactly I want like this…

I am created this system but i want only show 1 ya 2 ads for each list…

And I want to handle this system with admin app, I mean I can close and start this system .
Can this possible…?


Hello Respected kodular Creators…

This is possible…?

Watch this video in this video admin create a ad list between items list. :point_down:

Edit by Mod: If promoting YouTube Videos, then make sure they are in English.

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And u create a sponsored ad in image then replace admob ads to your image :roll_eyes:



But there are some problem…The longer the list viwe, the more ads are being created. I don’t like this… I want show only 1 ya 2 ads in each list viwe… Don’t more…

And can i handle this system with admin app…?

It’s not that Difficult.

While making List at any 2 Random index make your ADs.


Make a List and at the End of it make 2 of your ADs
And then Use the new Set Order Block to Set Order of the ADs.



Please Can You explain clearly with Using blocks… Then i can better understand

@ADDYLIN Thanks to all…

Now I am created this system.

But i have a doubt about Google Console Policy. Can I promote other apps using this way…?
If I do, will the my app suspend?

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