How can i Manually Cache Images Loaded from Web


I was working with the Dynamic Images component & using it as a listview to show some images and title with custom size.

Problem I Faced: Loading Images Dynamically in Dynamic Images Component and Too slow to load the images and then i start thinking of a system to cache the images when loaded.

Possible Solution I m searching for: I wanna to cache those images which are loaded. As downloading the images separately will give an annoying notification to the users.

What I Tried: I have tried using the below two Extension for the Purpose But they Don’t Support Dynamic Images Component OR kodular :kodular: don’t Support them to work with Dynamic Components.


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Image Utilities Components by Kodular is making the Images to Load Async Even with Dynamic Images Component.

My New Question:

Will this Component Even Cache the Images ?? As I m seeing it’s loading Images Very Fast than Before with simple method.

No, the component does not cache data

Maybe you can try this: