How can I open my application's main screen when a user clicks on my OneSignal notification?

Hello developers!
How can I open my main screen when a user clicks on my OneSignal notification without creating a deep link for my application?? Is there any possible way? If not, how to create a deep link for my application’s main screen. Any developer can make it for me??

Why won’t anyone answer my question? This community is so inactive although there are 40 people online. The purpose of this community is not being met. At least the devs can say that this is not possible. I didn’t receive any response since 5 hours. Very bad experience… Kindly tell me if it is not possible. I have to urgently update my app and I am not receiving a single response.

It is not possible with kodular now…maybe in future…

anyway go through with this guide, you can achieve your needs i think,…

You need to be patient. Just because no one answers your question quickly is no reason to complain. Everyone on here is volunteering their time, no one is being paid by you.


Well, this isn’t possible for now with Kodular. You can make a web version of the link which will launch the app but you won’t be able to open a particular screen for now.

When the notification is send through Onesignal, its already connected to your app, by simply clicking on it you can open the app.

I am wondering why people are saying its not possible?

Its my Esports app and as you click on notification you are directed to the app, and if you want to open any specific page of your app or any specific component, for that I am not pretty sure what to do :smiley:

Thanks a ton. It works. I have already created a deeplink extension for my app but I will use this as it is easier :+1: :+1:

You need to do this :point_down:

When opening a deep link through notification, the open with pop-up occurs with several browsers and my application which confuses most of the users. So for me this is a better choice. Btw anyone have idea of how to create dynamic links that redirect user to my app in firebase??

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Have you hosted the app on Firebase?
And you want to create links to download the app or just for viewing purpose?

I have just created a project in firebase. I didn’t add anything nor did I connect firebase to my kodular app. I am not familiar with firebase so I am asking how I can create a dynamic link that redirects users to my android app using firebase. I have posted a detailed question over here: Create a dynamic link in firebase that redirects the user to the app even if their default browser is different

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