How can i pass this on header

how can I added this on my web post file header

‘Content-Disposition’ : attachment; filename=filename

I tried this
blocks (43)

& getting this error

Is your answer in the error message? Do you need to quote your image filename?

you are sending a string but you are using Content-Type image/jpg, this does not fit together…
also I’m not sure about Content-Disposition
what about providing a link to the API documentation?


I was just following an solution. That was on dart.wordpress api haven’t enough resource.i have to implenet this line in header perfectly. But i can i do on file name is correct. I was passing image in 64bit format

& i was following that solution. That was on dirt/flutter

anyone here who can help me :face_with_thermometer:

Try building your headers as a json string, replicating what you see in dart/flutter.

How can i do that

An example:

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