How can I play 2 videos on 2 webviews simultaneously?

When I have the same website in 2 different viewers on the screen, I can’t play both at the same time. When I press play on one, the other stops.

Is there a way to play both at the same time?

Thank you.

It will be something the website controls. Is it your own website?

No. Its a web that contain multimedia files, like audio or vídeo. I want play 2 vídeos at same time for learn languages

Are you allowed to do that?

I think yes, becose is not ilegal content. Its like youtube. Open for the people and free.

If you think yes then you don’t know it for sure. Show the website please. Here the vídeos have subtitles in only one language. I want to listen the audio in one language and see subtitles in other language with 2 views. Is that possible?

Oh, i think is not possible. Thanks!

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