How Can I Play Audio from URL and After download use Internal storage (Cache)

Hello Everyone,

How can I play any audio from the link. And save audio file in local storage and use as a cache. for play again and again without download again.?

What have you tried to find an answer yourself?

Just an idea, you could implement something like:

if not (file_exists(path ⁄to ⁄cache ⁄audio.mp3)) {
                          path: path ⁄to ⁄cache)
} else {

when download complete { play() }

How can I do that in Kodular.
Please help me

I gave you the general idea; I suppose you could implement it in Kodular yourself?

I have no idea how can I do that in kodular

Look at this extension, you will be able to download files to ASD.

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Can I download any file without showing in notification?

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Ok, will try best from my side