How can I play m3u8 files ? I want to make a live tv application, help me please : '' C

Please help me create my application: 'C
I would like to create a channels list importing m3u8 file with channels list (m3u8/ts and their logo) in App Inventor 2. Is it possible and I appreciate a hint how to do that.

Example of m3u8 file with a list of channels

You have two way to do that
With external player ( like MX Player, VLC, etc )
Or buy a player extension

Search Exoplayer extension by Deephost

I make app to live channel for android tv box with 180 channels
Here you can read one of the problems i have and see my app working

Ummmm I understand but that page will be reliable ?? The thing is that I’m out of money :cry::cry: that’s why I want to create an application so that at least it generates some income for me :disappointed:

MX Player and VLC are a free app you can open any with activity starter component and send m3u8 file to play them. I’m using MX Player to play my live channels

And from the front the mx player application opens or does it still have to be selected? Help me please how are the blocks you use

With activity starter you need to set
Action, Activity Class, Activity Package and in Data Uri you m3u8 link. After that star activity.
Here is the MX Player API to implement

Only ask in the community of the builder you use.