How can i send some coordenates to be open on Google maps?

I tried to do it with the share component but i didnt work, is there a way to do it?

thx in advance for your help guys

Format the URL properly.

Here is the URL for New York. 40.741899 -73.9914967
Now you need to put at least a ,5z (zoom level) at the end or it wont render.

Then you can share the URL,-73.9914967,10z

thx for the help man, is there a way to open the coordenates with the google maps app?? im trying to use the share component but there are only messaging apps.

is there a component to select a diferent app?? or maybe should i use an entirely component instead of sharing

Send the link in a messaging app and when it is clicked, it will open the google maps app

sure but that requires to send the message to someone else :frowning:

I am confused on what you want to do, You want to send someone coordinates, and have it automatically open Maps on their phone?

Will they also be using the app?

If you use google maps component and when you add marker on the map while you tap the marker it shows navigation to google maps application on your android bottim right of the screen.

Sorry maybe I haven’t been clear enough, I apologize for English is not my first language.

My app is for a restaurant and it has a screen with the address and I want to add a button that when pressed opens Google maps so it can give directions on how to get there


Well then you use Activity Starter for that.

Very very straightforward.

Have a look at Activity Starter opening Google Maps. I will take a quick look myself.

ohh i see, thx for the info man, i didnt know that, much appreciated