How can i show data from same category only (airtable)

How can i show data from same category only like this picture not all data. (airtble)

Show what you have tried…

A bit difficult with Airtable and very easy with MySql

i already can show all data but i have no idea about it that’s why i am asking

use get column , when column get data, store in a list, use every item in list, is get item = Katmandu, then store than to other list or call get cell ,

I tried like this but its not working sir ,

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try this, a little change

It shows The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , [Kathmandu]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

more errors, check this


some more errors, you have to compare text


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Still not working sir

make sure your spreadsheet is getting data, before each item set list view item elements to get global places, to check is it getting data from spreadsheet or not

Its working perfectly for name & place

opps… i forget something, you have to set if compare text get item = kathmandu then add item to the list global list, item get item

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Still not working sir

can you send me aia file i will check it

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check it sir test.aia (3.4 KB)

here is your error, set add item to list like this


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Thank you sir its working now but i want to show name instead of place

ok let me arrange blocks for you

here is,