How can i solve MySQL error 415?

How can i solve MysQL error 415…
I am also using taifun mysql solution my apk was running fine but recently it gives me the error regularly…when i check my hosting server it says your ip address was blocked for some unusual activity… I have to unblock my ip By completing recapcha…
Please can anyone tell me the solution…

First of all this is not a error from mysql

And this is important to hosting servers they are using Imunify360 malware software that’s why the error come and ur ip has blocked u have to Change ur hosting provider or u can ask thm to remove the Imunify360 malware software for your account

Please ,Write the complete error message.

I guess you are using infinity free hosting if not then what hosting your are using

You r right. My hosting provider using Imunify360 malware. This malware was blocked my ip but i changed its protective defense as disable but the problem not fixed.

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There was no complete text error… When this error occurred I got the message that ERROR 415.

Haha if u disable the malware it’s only for some time but the main problem is with ur hosting provider if ur ip get blocked by his system than ur account also get suspended so…i prefer u to use any other hosting if u don’t know which one is best u can pm me i will share the link of the hosting which m using for my apps

I asked about the error 415 message because more information is usually shown. Error 415 is usually for “Unsupported Media Type”. I never worked with these “servers” who work that way. I always worked and paid for the service. Try some professional and paid server. Or a subdomain. I hope you get it.