How can I solve this CSV file to list issue?

CSV table pic :point_down:

Output I am getting by using ‘list from csv table text’ :point_down:

*** Before and after brackets are the issue.
*** I think it can be fixed by using ‘for each item in list’ loop but is there any other easy or let’s say better way to do it??

This is the desired output, since you’re storing a row in each list item. You’d have to use list from CSV row to directly get strings, or pick list item (list = row; index = 1) in your current implementation.

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I have used it but getting an error :point_right:Cannot parse text argument to “list from csv row” as CSV-formatted row

Probably because of the way the text is formatted. Then you have to iterate over each list item, sadly.

Yeah right but that’s the biggest obstetrical. Majority of list on internet comes like this format so reformatting them is a hell lot of work(Not so, can be done easily)

A for-loop shouldn’t be too hard; certainly better than changing an arbitrarily large data structure.

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*** I don’t think this is the best solution though it solved the issue.

**** Is there any slick solution???


Maybe you have to use list from csv row ?
I’m not sure, cuz I am not familiar with csv list

Exactly. That’s the issue. Do it, if it works, mark @Coder007’s as solution.

you have a one column csv table…
to get a simple list, use the split block and split at \n


Exactly that’s not the issue.
:point_right:How can I solve this CSV file to list issue? - #3 by Coder007

Taifun’s answer is most suitable for you since you only have

In my example you can pull from multiple column csv table, if you have three columns and you want only items from the third then use index 3


The result —

****** [quote=“Coder007, post:1, topic:61425”]

Weird, try mine



Btw, it should be like this


Surprisingly it’s worked.

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My above drawing might look somewhat of but this was what you should have used as by Taifun’s suggestion



****It worked. :point_down: :point_down:But I already used the solution u have provided.

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