How Can I Update My App Assets Files Using Firebase

How Can I Update My App Assets File Using Firebase?
1st time i am going to create app that work on back-end, so i need help.

After compiling your app, you can’t modify your assets on the go. You could, in turn, copy all your assets to a folder in you internal storage or SD card and call them from there. Then, when needed, you could update such files externally to your app.

I’m actually doing this in my current project. I have a default avatar image stored in my assets. Upon first launch of the app, I copy it to a custom folder in the internal storage of the device and reference it from there. When my user selects his/hers own avatar, the app changes the default avatar to that of the user.

Complementing that, the image is converted to Base64 and saved onto Firebase and recalled (and rebuilt back) when necessary.

EDIT: more on the matter. This solution I’m implementing has a little “drawback” (not really a drawback IMHO) if your user goes and erase such folder. That’s why, every time my app launches, it checks if the folder is there, creates it if not found and rebuild the avatar image (be it the default or a personal one stored in DB/Firebase).

Such problems will always be (and should be) a concern when building your app. Anticipate your users “misdimeanors” and “wrong doings” and implement workarounds to mitigate or correct such actions.


thanks for your reply, i have question if user delete that folder then how can we re-download files or create same name folder? (please share blocks screenshot if possible)