How can i view json array in list view?

You can use JSON component in utilities.

Use this block to get json array from json object:

I unlist this. Just posting a title and a link is not enough.

i use it but still give me one value not list of safety cources

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but there is only one name value for safty_courses in the api

we have 2 safety cources

json.aia (2.2 MB)

ok let me check your aia

Hey, sorry for being late I found a solution. put the list view in vertical scroll arrangement and then try.

still the same results


I said to put list view in vertical scroll arrangement

i do it as what you said

try this json.aia (2.2 MB)

this good but how can i make it automatic with out set hight %

for that, you have to hide some arrangements. But it is okay for now.

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from 2 days i set a topic to get help for fatch data from json array but still waiting
in attch the json data
also the block img

what i’m need is get data from all json array

What is the Problem.