How Can Identify UPI Payment QR Code

How can app identify qr codes of upi payment companies?

Actually I am coding a QR CODE SCANNER App , I want a procedure in the app to identify a UPI QR CODE of any company like PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY , PHONE PE .
This feature is embedded in IPHONES to identify any qr pay directly from the app.
that’s why I am building an app to make it happen for android users also…


After scanning the QR when you get result text then check if the result text contains UPI address like @paytm, @axisbank etc. Then continue otherwise show an error of invalid QR.

You can make a list of all UPI address from all banks and providers and check if the result text contains one of them.

after address verified
how to redirect proper qr value in payment app. pls send block or aia file

The method i told is for verification of UPI QR, for passing the value in payment app, i think u can’t do that directly.

It’s possible :grin:

@ayan1 Siir,
Pls told me, send some block or aia, extension etc