How can my app read sms got on device in background

I need help
I am making app in which if user get sms , it should send in my airtable database even in background, I am using background task extension but not able to do this with that extension

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Hi, I already have made it that it would read sms in background even the app is closed and it will send the data to firebase. I am selling the .aia. You can PM Me.


Try ItoO? This extension helps you run things in the background, a revamped version of the Background Tasks extension.

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I have used this extension only , but still not able to get solution
I am also using texting component but the data is not sent to airtable

…how about showing your relevant blocks?

Actually to send you blocks , i have to first arrange and I am not able to arrange "got message " and background task blocks

Don’t worry… take your time… and if you are ready, then provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks… thank you. .

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I dont know how to arrange , I am sking for help for that only

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Maybe you can share an aia then someone can arrange it for you

Do you mean it works even without internet?

That’s not inportant
Do as possible

if in taifun notification listener extension anyone can tell how to know that notification is from which app , then it can also help

Check the packagename
You could have found it out yourself by looking into the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Notification Listener | Pura Vida Apps or trying the example app


By package name i will get to know that which app is this
But package name of sms app is different in every device