How can we get text from a card

Is there any way to get text to the text box from capturing a card in our hand ?

OCR component, I tryed using it but app crashed everytime I try to open it !

Help needed !

Try the QR Code Component.


I think the Barcode or Qr Scanner component will only be to scan the barcodes or QR codes. So this component will not help if the object to scan is a plain text (as in present case).


You may show us what you have tried. So if there is any mistake, community members may help you out.


Show your blocks, show the error that appears when the app crash.

What do you think there is a strip on the back of a card for? The numbers and information. Why do you think there’s a barcode scanner on card machines? To read it.

Um… Cards have a magnetic strip on the back. Card readers use magnets. Nothing optical is involved.



What I think is, OCR and Barcode or QR scanner are two different things.

The basic function of OCR is to covert a photographed or digital document into its editable version.

While what does QR scanner does is that, it reveals the text that is stored behind some kind of graphical pattern.
Its example can be our very own Kodular companion.

This is what i know :slight_smile:

Stop degrading my answers :joy: that prove nothing to anyone.