How can we send HTML Email by setting specific value in HTML code?

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all working fine!

I wanna discuss/know about that how we can send HTML email to user by setting some specific value(i.e Name) when user click on any button/does any action?

I made a HTML file of EMAIL but i wanna to set a dynamic variable like Name so that whenever user does any action,the mail automatic send to user’s email id with speicific value such as name,etc

Here what i made in my HTML File!

Soon I will upload the complete source code of this email template

Soon I will upload the complete source code of this email template!


That can be achieved using JavaScript. For opening links you can use anchor tags.
To add username in the email you can use this block
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but add a placeholder for username in the HTML code. Like you have added for #app name#.

Load your HTML using this block
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Yeah! Thanks we can do this to add a placeholder in HTML but how can we send email to user automatic? Is there any API you can suggest me!?

I will check and let you know

this has asked many times… I suggest you to use the search feature of the community…

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