How clear back history in custom webview extention?

I am using Custom webview only for certain pages with specific keyword in my webview url and for rest of the pages i am using kodular webview module. However, when i click to open a new page that should open in custom webview, then first the previous page that loaded in custom webview is shown and then the new page gets loaded. this previous page shown is irrelevant to the search query and is from the back history.

I want to clear the back history of custom webview extention how can I do that?

Why custom webview extention for some pages and webview for the rest? - Reason is that custom webview enables full screen for youtube videos, but it lacks other feature so thats y webview for rest of the pages.

Please share a solution as soon as possible.

Creating a web view with a new id and deleting the old one should delete all of the last back & forward history.
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Thank you replying.

As you know my use case, that custom webview is triggered only when wbview URL contains a specific keyword like example “video”.

Please show me how can I achieve what you are saying with blocks.

Thanks in advance.

Just use CreateWebview block, when you detect the word “video”.Instead of switching to an old one

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