How create a translation file and how do I put it into the application?

I want to translate my apps but I do not know how to create it and how to put it into the application

use red panda i18n extension


Can you give me a link to this expansion?


Thanks, how do you create the translation file?

I can’t show it because I’m away from computer.
But there is a basic example for this: 24d6bf6b5b957d3c9b939bbaaa98be7d4ddc7d8f_1_400x500

Hey can you please show me the block how to use this extension??

Just try it and when something doesn’t work show what you have done and the ask it here.

I tried but doesn’t work. That’s why i asked to show me the blocks.

Why not show what you tried. This is the fun of learning.

At this time i an unable to show what i tried. BecauseI just got out of the house.

You can show it bc you can load it with your smartphone too, you can write also here , si i see no problem to load your blocks editor and make a screen shot. It looks like as you havent done anything and you want that other people do your work. And you want copy and paste it. Sorry if this is not true, but than you can show us what you do.You should look into youtube and google i am 100% sure that you will find a example. Than try to reproduce what you see and if you hsve troubles after you tried it, than you can write here post your blocks what you did and i am 100% surethat someone will help you. Happy trying

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It does not work for me, I did this: { "LANGCODE":"iw", "A": "א", "B": "ב", "C": "ס" }
Can you tell me what’s wrong?

A JSON translation file must be like that to use RedPanda’s I18n (localization) extension:

  "en" : {
    "splashmessage" : "Hello! Welcome to my app!",
    "exit" : "Exit",
    "cancel" : "Cancel"
  "tr" : {
    "splashmessage" : "Merhaba! Uygulamama hoş geldin!",
    "exit" : "Çık",
    "cancel" : "İptal"


Thanks:smiley:, I finally realized that it did not work for me because I checked in a live test:sweat_smile:

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Everything works fine, but when I try to get a translation that is not yet added I get an error in a toast message (look at the picture) How can I cancel it?

Does anyone know why it shows this error?