How do apps like amazon, whatsapp etc auto-update their apps on our device?

I had a doubt regarding the auto-update system which is present in most of the applications built with coding and thought this is the right place to ask it. Whatsapp and other apps automatically keep their app updated to the latest version even if we don’t update the app manually and even if our auto-update setting in Play Store is off. How do they do that? Is there an option like that in the Google Play Console?

If it is off, then app will never update automatically instead they will alert us to update and if we skip that then app will refuse to open further…

Whatsapp, Amazon are web app so if they want to update there app they can do that by the server but inoder to ad new functionality app must need to be uploaded manually. All the web apps works like that.

Ohh. Thanks for the info!

BTW how are apps updated from the web for example Web Whatsapp gives me this notification on my laptop and when I click it, it automatically updates Whatsapp on my phone. How is that possible??


As I said it’s an web app and if want to update there app then all they have to is give an update in there server and it will be applied simple as that. But it’s implementation is not that easy. All they do is update there code witch needed to be updated.

He was talking about server side auto update without actually updating the app. Rather updating its code from the server itself.

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