How do i change my main run time screen?

if I make an apk file and install it and when I run the app the first screen which opens/runs is Screen 1 (by default) but I want to change that, say suppose to a screen name loading. how do I do that?

It is Easy -
blocks (1)

i thought of that but is that actually an option :joy: :joy:

wait but when i actually open up that screen later it will take me to loading screen again

i want to open loading then screen 1
so if i write that it will put me in an constant loop

YES, thats why it is said Instead of Multiple Screens use Multiple Arrangements.

oohh boi, i will see this, looks complicated thou.

Instead of this complicated process, just add your loading layout in an arrangement on screen1.

Use clock.

On screen initialize show loading and after timer show screen1 main content.

oh yeah, kk i will try this rn

yess, this worked thanks a lot!!

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