How do I create a login/Sign up?

Hi can someone please help me with this problem. I’m quite new to Kodular and I need to create a Login and Sign in feature in my app. I got the U.I. down but I’m having trouble with the blocks. They removed the JSON block that I was using for a reference that my friend used to create a login feature. He said the dictionary can work but how? What can I use for a substitute?

What have you tried so for

U want to create which type of sign in sign up like google or otp or email one?

The one my friend used only requires you to create a user name and password the after you sign in it takes you to a second screen that you type a 4 dig pin and repeat it so that next time you open the app you only type in your pin…if all this makes sens

you can do is create a normal sign in or sign up which use email id and pass.
Then in the next screen the password you set make it stored in the variable and then if the password is the same it will take you the sceren . the thing i tell is make a sim ple sign up and sign use code to do it one time login and then set a pass to go to another screen.Did it make sense or i may tell you again but in simple words?

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Thank you so much for the help

no problem

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