How do I download an image from Firebase Storage?

I have looked all over and can’t find a clear example of how to download an image from firebase storage using the firebase_storage component. When I use the component I get an error that says could not create folder to store the download. I have checked the permissions for the companion app and it has permission. I actually created the folders needed for the download and am still getting the above error. I am trying to use the list view image and text block and would prefer to just load the image into that from firebase storage rather than downloading it permanently to the device. Here are my blocks…

blocks (2)

blocks (4)

blocks (5)

In my Firebase storage components I do not have any Response event. Where does it come from?

In the Download block of Firebase Storage, in To Folder , try using /storage/emulated/0/Download . You should mention full address of folder. After " /0/ " you can mention your required destination folder in the phone.

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I still get the same error. Does anyone have an example that works?

I figured out the problem using the firebaseStorage extension. I had the files in a folder instead of at the root.

I had the same problem, unfortunately there is no documentation about it. Resolved with “/mnt/sdcard/Yourdownloadfolder”

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Files stored in folders in Firebase storage can be retrieved by just adding the full path in “file” in the download block of the Firebase Storage Component, where the file name is specified.

For the question you asked at the beginning of this discussion, what you’ve marked is not the solution. Having the files in folders is not a problem. In fact, we may need to arrange them in folders. So what you suggested is not a solution.

The solution is that you just have to enter full path name of the folder you want the image to be downloaded.(Eg. /storage/emulated/0/Download to store the file in ‘Download’ folder in the mobile internal storage) I use this in my projects and works perfectly!


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