How do I draw a line to one point from another in the map?

Hello! I am currently working on a project for a course where I need to make an app that gives you directions to sports courts near you (e.g basketball courts, places for practicing a certain sport of your choosing). So far, I managed to get the OpenRouteLocation API working and set my markers and stuff but I can’t for the life of me draw a line between one point from another when I prompt to get directions. I’m a complete noob at the block building so I figured I’d ask for help here.

Image below is what I got going so far, I didn’t use the google maps thing because I have no idea how to work around it and get it working. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks! This could work, I have to try this still but I was wondering… Would this work for when I prompt to get directions after clicking the point in the map that I want to go to? Since if I put in these blocks step by step I want to know if it won’t just allow me to draw anywhere in the map, I want to only prompt to get directions when I tap on the destination point

Hello? I’ve been waiting approval for two weeks now…