How do i get all ages on json + extension json to dictionary?

Im trying get all ages, for example, how do i get ?

	"names": [
			"name": "Peter",
			"age": 30
			"name": "John",
			"age": 27
			"name": "Luke",
			"age": 34

i would like to get 30 27 34…

here getting this…

if you know…share with me please, soo thank you!!

Try this.


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Great, totally ok …thank you!!


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A much simplier way, for learning …


Im trying this code…

and now getting this…3 links


but…when i use “select list iten list index” - Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0…

but if i put to count “length of list” - 3…

i need to convert something ? soo thank you…

Post your json and describe what you want to achieve

Im trying archive , a list of titles, photos (urls), in a unic cell on baseroll…

this code send to baseroll the lines of json

i need upload the urls and title…but for now im trying archive the urls first…

json on baseroll -

{"Foto":"https:\/\/\/gcreative\/image\/upload\/v1658031613\/hbsrbib53e8hjwy9eukd.jpg"}, {"Foto":"https:\/\/\/gcreative\/image\/upload\/v1658031621\/jex3oqo6uqjaizbugypo.jpg"}, {"Foto":"https:\/\/\/gcreative\/image\/upload\/v1658031627\/hslaboh6uvarwk4fxitg.jpg"},

i ill put on account , the user can delete the photos…etc…im trying

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