How do I hide this error (List index too large) from the user?

I’m pulling data from a site. Sometimes, there may be problems with the site where I get data. Or the searched text may change on the site. Example (select list item list> Split Text> “Response content” At> “” index = “2”) changes . When this happens, I get the “List Index too Large” error.

I get an error when there are different situations like this. I fix the error later. After fixing the application error, I send it to the Play Store. But until there is an update, the application users encounter the error.

What I want to do is how do I hide this error? In other words, if the Label1 text is “abc” when data comes, I want it to be “0” when there is no data, but not to give an error. I hope I could explain it with google translate :slight_smile: Adsız

Maybe you can check ‘length of list’ before select list item.


I couldn’t do it with “Length of list”. With “Contains text piece” the problem seems to be solved. Thank you.