How do I make an automatic length or width of blocks

I mean that I have a button size 200 * 200 I want to make it automatic length or width from within the blocks section

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There is an option is block for changing size of every things, for exemple in button blocks you can see set button hight and set button width option try that,

Use -1 for Automatic and -2 for Fill Parent


… but be aware of this issue:

So this won’t work:

(only by clicking twice)

Button gets its width but for some reason It’s the label that doesn’t get triggered in your example



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But also the Button1 did not get the right value after clicking Button1, even though it is displayed with the correct width (in my example before):

so you need always a Clock to get the correct values.


Sorry missed that one, just checked set value works but get value doesn’t


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