How do I make it work ? (If.. then)

I have to execute a process called ‘X’ only if the texts ‘button1, button2, button3 & button4’ are not empty. How do I do that ? the logic ‘and’ ‘or’ blocks are for 2 terms only… any idea ?

this illustration may help


an empty text box works as empty command,

now join your process X" against “then” procedure

I think you didn’t get what I meant…

then explain it clearly

I did… read it again… the process X should only be executed after checking the button2 text, button3 text, … and button5 text are not empty…

how can a button text be empty ? aren’t you talking about TextBoxText being empty ?

Use this extension

Every time text is entered in one box, it vcan automatically fo to the next box. After text is entered each time you check to see if all four boxes are empty

You can do something like this for the boxes. Checking if the text string length is not 0 on each. This also forces the curser back to the box

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Is there any way to check whether the firebase data is completely loaded or not ? (If there’s one then I don’t have to worry about the above method)

Do you know all the tags, or the number of tags in firebase?

You can download the tags into a list, check the length of the list.

There are multiple subproject buckets in each bucket… It’s countable… coz the tags are numbers…

great . The tags dont need to be numbers to count them. This question is now very different then you originally asked. I do not know what you are trying to do now

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Please clearly state what you are trying to do…
Are you trying to make login sign-up system?

No, you can nest as many blocks as you want inside each other.


When the internet connection speed is too low the firebase data takes a little more time to load. So I have to display the data only when its completely loaded. Tht’s what I wanna do…