How do i make kodular count didgets

I need help,
i want to make my app say stuff like 1k instead of 1000 so i want it to detect if its at least 1000 in a variable before it does, how to i make kodular detect how much didgets there are in a number

You can use length block from Text Block Section
To detect the length

You have to manage the number in different way, at first you have to know if it’s a decimal and then play with lenght. Think about number 12,5 its lenght is 4 as 1000. You can try to use the math block format as decimal with zero places after comma and then test its lenght.

Also see

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You like to win easy :rofl: I joke. Extention are great but sometimes you can play with code too before add some extention.

If you read above link you will see that we proposed two ways one with extension and one with blocks

Yes I joke :raised_hands:t2:

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