How do I publish my finished app to Google Play?

How do I publish my finished app? Download apk file and send it to the play store. What path should I follow?


You can use this as a guideline.

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Do you give a confirmation by kodular io for your share in advertisements?

Should I download the apk file directly in the kodular io and upload the google store?

I think so you are new here. If your project is completed, then simply Export the .apk and upload it to Play Store.

If talking abouts ads yes Kodular takes some commission you can check it here

Note: If you are publishing app on Play Store you don’t need Aproval for showing Ads.


If you are new, please don’t start with ads. First learn the basics of the language and make something usefull. Then if you want use ads. If your only reason of being here is to put ads in apps then your apps will not be approved for serving ads by the developers.


What should I do at this stage? How will Kodulario commission charge me? Do I have to register in a different place or how will this process be sent to me when I receive the payment from admob?

Read This Google Play Store Policy

How will kodular io charge me 11% of my commission money?

It Will Show It’s Own Ads Unity Ads

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All these answers can be found on the community. You still only read for 18 minutes. Take more time to read.

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I was new to kodolar io … yes my first application …

Can I download my project and publish it on playstore when my project status is like this? If I do that, will I monetize my ads?

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