How do i Randomize questions in kodular linked with Airtable

can anyone come on anydesk help me make questions in my quizapp appear random , i use airtable also i am having alot of trouble developing a key hash that i intend to use to market my app on facebook and other platforms

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can show some blocks, what have you tried so far?

come to anydesk

what is anydesk?!

Any Desk is a Remote Desktop App.

But why she want to show you Blocks on Any Desk.

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we give help here…

Yes, Definitely we provide help.
When i said No.

But AnyDesk sounds Spoon Feeding.

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What is the purpose of community ? I am newbie

Easiest way ( can repeat questions ) -

Showing the way.
But you need to follow it by yourself.

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You can get random question without repeating using this method:

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Its easy to handel if your questions are stored in a list then just use shuffle block of following extension

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