How do I save the text locally?

Hi there, I’m currently making an app where you can earn points and stuff, but I have the following problem.

If the user gets 50 points and closes the app, the points are gone. Is there any way for them to stay? And if yes, could anyone explain me how I do that? Thanks for you help!

Yes there are many ways to save points! But before we talk further can I ask how to earn coins on the app you’re making?

Yeah, you can earn coins by watching an ad.

I’m afraid such an app is against our policies. Search “earning app” in the community for more information

Earning apps are not allowed

Hold on! We can’t yet put his app into earning apps category! :sweat_smile:

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So, if I click on an ad, you reward me right? You may elaborate if it’s something different.

Yeah, you can earn “points” and then you can spend those in-app.
I’m not sure how I’ll figure the rest out but this would be a big feature, so I decided to make it first

Let me help you stating what is legal & what’s not!
First of all, coin system on an app is legal. But the way you earn coins might be illegal as you can’t explain how to earn them!

You can’t force user to click on ad and earn. But, you can propose them to watch an rewarded video to get coin. Hope everything is now clear.

If you’re giving user coins for watching video ad (not to force them to watch but to propose them) then everithing is ok. Otherwise, your app is considered to be an earning app.

Oh and I forget to add one line, earned coins must be spend inside app. You are not allowed to offer them real money for the points.

All right, thanks for clearing this up! I found out how to use TinyDB, so I now know how to store values :slight_smile:

And I won’t do anything illegal!

Good job! But do remember not to violate rules. Kodular rejects earning apps.

You can use the screen app pause block then use tinydb to store the points