How do I set radius of any layout?

As the topic said,
I wanted to set the radius of an arrangement without using a card view.

After searching on the community, I found extensions like button designer and Kevikun enhance but

Button designer extension can be used in buttons only ( maybe ) and I have to set background color but i cant set any image inside it. I have also tried something like this,

Here image1 is inside HorizontalArrangement2 but it is also not working.

Also, I tried using the decoration components but I cant set the desired radius from it. Thanks in advance.

what do u want?

I wanted to set desired radius for any layout for eg horizontal arrangement or vertical arrangement.

u can do it kevinenhance extension which u have used

use kio4 gradient extension

Thankyou @mohit456

just try this


I know and I have done it, Master. Thanks a lot.

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