How do I Solve this problem?

I created this apps using extension that is list view extension.
When I click on any icon to open several screen in one screen created using layout.
But when I clicked on any icon that’s open same screen with all button.
How can I fixed it please help anyone.
Thanks in Advance.

Show your blocks.

Make like this blocks only use screen in chrome custom tabs place

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So if your problem will be solve than give the solution

chapterlist%20block class10thenglish.aia (678.8 KB)

Please check it

because you are only using the value (s1) after picked! you should send the value according to the item,

like if i pick second one on the list than you should sent the value (s2)

OR send the index after picking

So how do I use s1, s2, s3
please help or if possible I already provided aia
Do something.

there u go

class10thenglish REFIXED.aia (679.4 KB)


Thank-you for solving my such a big problem.
But Now again I’m gona disturb you once.
Check the attachment.

Install anyway …this is a normal warning…

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This is Google play Notifier to protect the Android platform from some unofficial and malicious apps, it will appear every time an app tries to install without being downloaded froom Google play store, All You can is click Install Anyway

What if I publish this apps on playstore then also shows that’s warning.

probabily No


No. …:grinning:

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Thanks bhai maine hi comment kiya tha aap k video pr jisme aapne kaha tha
Layout use krne ko
Btw thanks, thanks a lot.

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