How do I swipe to refresh the Airtable database?

I want to refresh my database the way professional applications have them.
And this is the block

apk demo:
projectA.apk (5.5 MB)
Datebase Airtable

What issue are you facing here ?

when I refresh them they do not come out but the original design.

I tested his APK

when refreshing they will have this error.

can you show your airtable content that we can help you

At first load, the data will load and after a refresh, if there is a change in data then it will change else if the data is same how will you see the changes.

For the refresh to work correctly, the variables (photo, details ) must be empty.

To do this you must assign them the value of an empty list. You can do this in the procedure “airtable”.


We still error the above video

Try changing the Switch value before you get the column


In order not to repeat the cards, they must be eliminated. So in the procedure to empty the lists, you would have to delete the cards, images and labels according to their id.

Something like this:

I am testing it and it works


Thank you very much

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